What is a panoramic image?
Why use a panoramic image?
How is a panoramic image viewed?
What special software does the user need?

What is a panoramic image? Panoramic images used by our software can be either JPEG or GIF images. There are different methods used to create a panoramic image. One method is to created the image from a sequential series of pictures from either a still camera or video camera. The pictures are stitched together to create a single, seamless image. Some cameras have the ability to create wide format images without the need to use software to stitch frames together. A panoramic image can cover a 360 degree view of an area, allowing the user a complete view of the subject. Panoramic images provide a visually stimulating method to display a product.

Why use a panoramic image? A panoramic image combines two key ingredients to draw potential clients to your site: photographic imagery and motion. It is well known that the human eye is drawn to motion, the use of video to capture the original scene provides a natural and colorful look to the panoramic image. Static web pages with animated GIFs are the current standard. An animated GIF is limited in size, detail and usefulness. The appeal of panoramic images will not only attract repeat users, they will help make your product more visible to potential clients.

How is a panoramic image viewed? As part of a web page, the image viewer is downloaded along with the page. A panoramic image appears to spin through the image viewer, similar to looking through a camera viewfinder. The rotation speed and direction is controlled by the user. Hyperlink areas can be defined within a panoramic image which allows a user to navigate a web site.

What special software does the user need? This emerging, leading edge technology is self contained and does not require any special software. Java enabled browsers such as Netscape or Internet Explorer already support this technology. Everything required to view the panoramic image is downloaded as part of the web page.